Tinlok is a library providing the missing 75% of the Kotlin/Native Desktop standard library.

Tinlok focuses on usability and correctness, not simplicity. Computers are complicated and we don’t pretend otherwise, but Tinlok tries to make that complication as easy to use as possible.


The Kotlin stdlib is very barebones. Kotlin is typically a guest language on somebody else’s virtual machine, so most Kotlin code is designed around integrating with that platform’s core functionality, sometimes with helper glue code to make it more natural to use in a Kotlin context.

Kotlin/Native on Desktop, however, is a host language and has no platform to work with aside from the platform libraries (libc or Win32) and these libraries are not ergonomic to use from a Kotlin context. Tinlok attempts to fill this gap by wrapping the platform libraries in helpful Kotlin-esque high-level APIs.


In source form, Tinlok can currently be found on GitHub. See Contributing for more information.

In binary form, Tinlok can be found on Bintray:

subprojects {
    apply(plugin = "org.jetbrains.kotlin.multiplatform")

    configure<KotlinMultiplatformExtension> {
        sourceSets {
            val commonMain by getting {