• Add TLS support using OpenSSL.

  • OpenSSL 3.0 is statically linked into the final library.

  • Unrefactor socket enumerations from interfaces. It’s not like we would’ve supported custom socket types properly anyway.

  • libuuid is now statically linked into the final library.

  • Disable mingwX64 support. Trying to statically link things is a hell of linker errors. Get your shit together, JetBrains.


  • Add pure-Kotlin IPv6 parsing.

    • The new parser is less featureful currently, but removes an external dependency.

  • IP addresses now wrap a public ByteString, not a private ByteArray,

  • Unrefactor the common stuff.

    • This wouldn’t’ve worked the way I wanted.

  • Sockets entirely reworked.

    • The new Socket interface was defined, and SynchronousSocketStream was created for a stream over a socket.

    • Socket options now actually work.

  • File code is now common to all platforms. This should help with maintainence.

  • Add Buffers for efficient I/O.

  • Add escapedString to ByteString, and PurePath.

  • Port nearly fully to Windows.

    • Only a handful of small functions don’t work anymore.

1.2.0 (Released 2020-11-04)

  • Add WindowsPurePath.

  • I/O interfaces now work similar to Readable|WriteableByteChannel, reading into a buffer.

  • LinuxPath is now a PosixPurePath.

  • Add compiled versions of the two static libraries for mingwX64.

  • Remove errno/winerror from OSException, and make them part of CC.

    • winerror is too broad for the design to work properly.

    • Also, I don’t see really any use for errno properties that wouldn’t be better served with more specific subclasses.

  • Add UUID support.

  • Add Windows support, using the Win32 API, for the following:

    • Filesystem paths

    • File I/O

    • Cryptographically secure psuedorandom number generations

    • Cryptography

  • Add support for non-blocking I/O on Linux.

    • The current blocking I/O functions wrap these, and will throw errors if they return in a non-blocking mode.

1.1.0 (Released 2020-10-14)

  • Add a SecureRandom API.

  • Added a cryptographic API to the core module.

    • This exposes several well tested functions for general purpose cryptographic usage.

    • Add the Blake2b integrity hashing algorithm.

    • Add the argon2i password hashing algorithm.

  • Remove the String-based streams. These need a design rework.

  • Add hex-encoding for ByteString objects.

  • Add Base64 encoding for ByteString objects.

  • Add poll() based timeout for TCP sockets when connecting.

  • Add libtls based TLS support.


  • Initial release.