Tinlok uses Mercurial for version control, as Mercurial is superior to Git. Unfortunately, Git won despite being worse and as such there are very few good public places to host Mercurial repositories.

Currently, Tinlok uses a GitHub repository as its primary repository, using hg-git. At some point, I aim to get Tinlok moved to either the public Heptapod instance, a self-hosted instance, or some other self-hosted Mercurial webserver (in reverse preference order).

Contributions will always be accepted via the GitHub repo, but issues will be disabled. Pull requests will be merged manually via hg instead of via the web UI.


  • Keep all platform calls in the platform-specific Syscall object.

  • Any API that can have any hint of memory corruption, resource leaks, or other general unsafety should be annotated with @Unsafe.

  • Use IntelliJ’s reformatter to format your Kotlin code.

    • Don’t use IntelliJ? Sucks to be you.

  • Keep as much code in the common platform module as possible, only using native code for actual native calls.

  • Use try/finally, memScoped, and inline functions passed a lambda whenever possible for resource management.