External Static Libraries

Tinlok includes some statically linked external libraries to perform certain functionality. These are statically included into the relevant klibs for maximum ease of use, and are distributed under their original licences on Maven for anyone to use.

All external libraries are provided under the external.$LIB_NAME Kotlin package.


Monocypher, licenced under the 2-clause BSD licence. Used for core cryptography operations.

Monocypher bindings are available using the tinlok-static-monocypher library, like so:

dependencies {


libuuid, licenced under the 3-clause (New) BSD licence.

libuuid bindings are available using the tinlok-static-libuid library, like so:

dependencies {

Various Other Sources

Tinlok also uses some other source code definitions that aren’t covered by these libraries:

  • A copy of a structure used for symbolic links, taken from the MinGW source code (which was itself taken from the ReactOS source code). Licenced under the public domain.